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In recent years, caravans, RVs and modified vans have become more popular, making it easier for travelers to access nature more freely. Below are some of the most important health hazards and precautions to take when traveling in a caravan or motorhome.

COVID-19 and caravans

With the opening of campgrounds and caravan sites around the world, the National Tourism Board encourages people to take a domestic vacation this fall and winter. Camps and caravans are becoming more and more popular this summer as a means of travel with little social interaction. Quarantine restrictions on overseas vacations are constantly changing, so it may be  better  to arrange your stay so that you are not isolated when you return home. 

 Current law allows you  to stay in a caravan unless there are regional restrictions in your area of ​​residence or where you plan to travel.

COVID-19 caravan travel tips

Traveling in a camper or caravan is a great option during this time, as it gives you freedom of movement while limiting  contact with people outside  your home.

Always check local regulations.  If you’re renting a travel van or trailer, look for something that’s easy to cook and wash (no need to eat out or use communal facilities). Pre-planning During school vacation, certain RV sites may be closed or fully booked. 

Currently, some facilities  only allow fully equipped caravans, so check which facilities are available wherever you want. Plan ahead and stock up on what you need to avoid  unnecessary outages. Make sure the distance between the caravan and other vehicles is at least 2 meters.

Safety Tips for Camping

We’ll go through the following topics in this article:

where should I stay?

what to bring

threats to one’s health

where should I stay?

It is advisable to stay at a campsite or caravan park to make sure the area is safe  and permitted. If you park your RV or RV in a place where you cannot stay overnight, you may leave the property or be fined. 

 It is also advisable to avoid long grasses and shrubs. This can be home to mites and other insects, depending on where you go.

First Aid Kit

The following items should be included in your first aid kit:




disinfection based on alcohol or iodine

Tick Bites Should be Avoided

Especially if you are planning outdoor activities such as hiking or biking, it’s also a good idea to have  tweezers with fine tips and tools to remove ticks. 

Mites are small creatures that eat the blood of animals. They are harmful because they can infect diseases that can be transmitted when bitten. The sooner you get rid of the ticks, the more likely you are to avoid the infection.

If you are in a mite-prone area, keep away from tall grass and bushes and wear loose clothing that covers your feet and ankles. Put your pants in socks so that your skin is not exposed. 

If you are bitten by a tick, you are at risk of developing Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis in parts of Europe. Before you travel, make sure you are visiting a dangerous place.