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One of my favorite means of transportation is  the caravan. I remember driving Australia in a “big round” with a “pop-up” camper van and not wanting to end the journey. After spending a day in the hinterland, we had everything we needed for a cozy home. I have never taken this luxury for granted (especially my coffee machine in the middle of the desert). Entering this from your home office is waiting for this trip … I’m sure you’ve experienced it!

But whether you’re traveling to Australia or cruising the road for a  wonderful Australian vacation you love, the “pack part” can be daunting.

Whether you’re a caravan or veteran beginner, we  all think we can sometimes use some new ideas  to make traveling a little  easier. Everyone knows that the less stressful a vacation is, the more likely it is to take a vacation. 

 Here are some of my basic tips for packing your caravan  for your next vacation: – 

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Each time you try the pop-up, you’ll find a trusted list on the wall of the secret annex. Whenever we have a new idea to improve our experience, we add it.

Everything you need for a caravan is in one set, so you only need to pack food and clothing each time

1. This category includes kitchen equipment and appliances, cleaning products, bed linen, towels, first aid kits, games,  camping furniture and fixtures. 

2. Remember to clean everything when you return from each trip so that you are ready for your next trip. 

3. Prepare a  set of toiletries in the van. There is no shortage of toilet paper on the go. 

4. Have a dirty laundry bag handy to use to carry dirty clothes from the van to the house or from the van to the laundromat. Clean clothes are always separated from dirty clothes, which makes caravan travel much easier.

5. Always make sure the van is properly cleaned and ready  for your next trip when you return. When going on vacation, the last thing you want to do is clean your van.

Put all  herbs and spices in a small tic tac container

They occupy significantly less space than traditional spice jars and can be stored in a caravan for later travel. They are really handy for things such as coffee, meat rubs and other sauces.  If you have a large family of traveling companions, herb jars can allow each person to prepare delicious meals without having to buy spices all the time.

Go out of your way to make your pots clean.

Jubilee Ace Caravan - Van to Buy and Sale, No Ponzi Scheme
Jubilee Ace Caravan – Van to Buy and Sale, No Ponzi Scheme

Purchase a shoe rack that hangs from the ceiling

It can be used to store various items such as cleaning wipes, barbecue tools, sauces, insect repellent sprays, etc. in the car. Get your shoes organized with a shoe rack that hangs from the ceiling

This also helps you to avoid having your bags falling over when driving. If it is placed high enough, it does not obstruct any of the windows on either side. The only problem with this solution is that some caravan has a very lengthy roof that stretches out to the sides. Sleeping bags can sometimes get in the way of any shades, mattresses or benches placed in this trunk space. Create a pair of handles so you can push your bed up against it and carry around all your things effortlessly.

Baking paper should be stacked

Use it on your camping stove or  grill to get rid of the breeze. Pack your tools for repairs such as hammers and pliers in a small case.  This is especially important if you have rechargeable batteries that can be damaged by exposure to high temperatures.

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